Revolutionary Days

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Revolutionary Days by Ray Acosta

Spanning all of México over the course of a decade, the Mexican Revolution was a complex and complicated series of over-lapping, simultaneous, sometimes contradictory – and frustrating – military and political actions that baffle even the experts... UNTIL NOW.

A must for any Latin American studies department, Mexican scholar or researcher, Revolutionary Days is NOT a "today in history" type time-line, but the ONLY guide to the daily events of the Mexican Revolution that includes the references and sources needed for scholarly investigation. Revolutionary Days is timed to coincide with the Centennial of the Mexican Revolution, but as a basic reference it will never go out of date.

Ray Acosta has done the impossible, writing a day-by-day calendar of the Revolution, including the latest citations and bibliographic data (and noting contradictory information), providing a basic point of reference for both the student and expert.

Hard bound: 270 pages
ISBN: 978-0-9816637-1-5

US: $29.95 USD
Canada: $41.95 CAD
Mexico: $475.00 MXN
eBook: $19.95 USD

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Revolutionary Days Reviews

“This excellent chronology of the Mexican Revolution at first glance appears to be a superb reference volume, and it is, but it is also much more. Reading through the events makes clear the violence, despair, hope, and, finally, the sense of the possibility of a better Mexico for all Mexicans. The populist nature of this social revolution emerges clearly through the narration of events, small and large, over the decades of the struggle in this valuable compendium.”
~ William H. Beezley, University of Arizona

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