Gorostieta and the Cristiada

Gorostieta and the Cristiada: Mexico’s Catholic Insurgency of 1926-1929 by Richard Grabman

Gorostieta and the Cristiada: Mexico’s Catholic Insurgency of 1926-1929 is not so much the story of the “atheist” general leading a Catholic army in 1920s Mexico (and, according to many, accepting the faith of his followers) but of the long struggle between Church and State that culminated in the Catholic insurgency of the late 1920s.

Brewing for years, if not centuries, the Cristiada erupted in 1926 as a religious uprising meant to roll back the legal restrictions placed on the Catholic Church by the revolutionary and militantly secular Mexican state. The violence that followed ­— involving oil companies, terrorism, insurgency and a less-than-perfect settlement — not only profoundly shaped modern Mexico, but serve as an example of similar clashes between tradition and modernity that continue to bewilder people throughout the world today.

Richard Grabman is the author of two other works on Mexican history, Gods, Gachupines and Gringos and Bosques’ War, both available from Editorial Mazatlan.

Soft cover: 121 pages
ISBN: 978-1-937799-13-7

Mexico: $90.00 MXN
eBook: $4.95 USD

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